All ingredients are included coconut cream powder, whole-piece herbs, palm sugar, etc.

Ingredients are separately packed in numbering sachets. Just follow the number on the sachet, add your choice of meat and enjoy.

It takes only 5-7 minutes. You can make it with either stove top or microwave.

No added MSG
No added preservatives
No artificial colour.


Thai Meal Kit by Ori Chef is a ready-to-cook kit of Thai foods. Each product contains 4-5 numbering sachets of complete ingredients for the dish. Consumer can make foods like a chef! Just add meat and enjoy. All ingredients needed for the dish are included in sachets such as hand selected dried whole-piece herbs, coconut cream powder and curry paste, lime powder, fish sauce, palm sugar and etc.

The concept of “Meal Kit “originated from Japan as people are more and more looking for healthy and fresh foods. To have a healthy and fresh food, can food or frozen food is not the best answer. People tend to feel that the food is fresher when they cook themselves. With our products since all ingredients are separately packed in different sachets, it can keep aroma of herbs and preserve the original taste of curry paste without compromising. Consumers can never tell the differences between your dish and one from a fine Thai restaurant. No added MSG, No added preservatives and No artificial color.


Our pastes are original recipe of Thai Cuisine. It already included sun flower oil inside. The customer does not need to fry the paste before cooking. Just add the paste into the coconut milk and leave it to boil then add meat and seasoning the dish. You can enjoy the dish easily with the taste of the original Thai kitchen.


Our herbs grow from Northern part of Thailand. After harvest the herbs are trucked to our factory in less than 24 hours to keep the freshness and aroma. All herbs are washed by an FDA approved method to make sure that there is zero contamination. All herbs are carefully hand selected to ensure the high quality.


Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass are known for its smell, helps fight gas, bloating, bacteria, fungus, yeast and is used as a diuretic. It also used to make beverages.

Kaffir Lime Leave

Kaffir lime peel zest is used in many curries dish to fight foul smell or to enhance scent. It helps fight gas, relieve coughing and eliminate phlegm.


The stalk is commonly used in cooking, especially the hard stalk to enhance the taste and scent in dips, soups, curries and larbs. It helps stop cancer growth and fight fungus, bacteria and yeast.


Chili is sometimes used to eliminate the foul smell in meat. It promotes stomach functions, helps eliminate ulcers, contains capsaicin, which prevents cancer and may prevent coronary heart disease.


Our seasonings are selected from the Thai kitchen. The aromatic herbs will add an exotic flavor of Thai kitchen to your dish. Good for fried chicken coating, reducing the strong of fishy taste for steam or bake fish, marinating lamb or steak, mixing with dipping sauce or salad dressing.